Vegan Bitterballen Junk Food Bar

For our concept Vegans of Amsterdam, we asked the girls of Lazy Vegans to share their vegan experience in Amsterdam with us. In this article, you will read about their first day experience in Amsterdam as vegans. Which great vegan restaurants or hotspots did they go to on their first day? Is Amsterdam vegan friendly enough for them?

24 hours as Vegan in Amsterdam

Vegan options in Amsterdam

Before going on any trip, the question of what vegan food you’re going to be able to find is always a stressful one, because a lot of times there isn’t that many out there! When we booked our trip, we were a little nervous about the vegan options in Amsterdam, but we’ve been so delighted to find so many! We landed in Amsterdam yesterday morning, and so far, we’ve already had so many yummy vegan treats!

Vegan Pizza at Dominos

After arriving from a 14-hour flight yesterday morning from Phoenix, Arizona, We were both extremely exhausted, and since we aren’t staying in the heart of Amsterdam, the thought of travel for food was something neither of us wanted to do. We were also starving because the airport had little to no vegan options. To our surprise, Dominos has vegan options! Dominos back home also can be made vegan, but only with thin crust, no cheese, and veggies and let’s be honest, that’s not a very sustainable meal. When we looked it up, I figured we would just order what we did back home, but up popped a vegan menu including a vegan margarita pizza, spicy vegan, and a vegan BBQ. We opted for the vegan margarita which has tomato sauce, vegan cheese, and oregano and it was the perfect lazy meal, eaten right from our hotel room. It filled us right up.

Vegan Pizza Dominos

Meatless District Amsterdam

After eating, we finally were able to get some sleep. Upon arrival, we both had only slept a couple hours in the previous two days and sleeping on planes isn’t for us. The jetlag kicked in and we were both asleep before the sun even went down. The next day we were perfectly rested and ready to explore! We hopped on the bus downtown and our first stop was The Meatless District. It was such a cute and quaint little place. The inside was not what we were expecting, very clean and rustic. We ordered the MD burger which had a homemade seitan patty, topped with avocado, tomato, red onion, gherkin, spicy sauce, and cheese! Served with a side of fries and mayo, which was something we’ve never seen before! Mayo isn’t ever used as a dipping sauce for fries in the states, but we loved it!

MD Meatless District Burger

Vegan Grocery store Vegabond

Next we stopped at a cute little vegan grocery store called Vegabond and we found so many delicious vegan options that we’ve never seen back home! We also enjoyed a brownie from their bakery which was so creamy, fudgy, and delicious. Of course, we had to pick up a few things to bring back with us, we got a vegan blue cheese wheel made from cashews, “Luke’s” brand, kale multi-grain chips, “Ten Acre” brand sour cream and onions chips (I’ve never seen a vegan version of these!), “ichoc” brand vegan white chocolate, “Vantastic foods” brand smoked soy jerky, and “simplyV” brand veggie spread. It was all so yummy!

Vegan Junk Food Bar

After this, and more walking and explore downtown we came across the Vegan Junk Food Bar, and this is a place I’ve heard about for months now for having some of the best vegan food in Amsterdam. Upon looking it up, I was very surprised at how real their food looked and it was hard to chose from their delicious looking menu options! We ended up trying the Original VJFB burger, with a plant-based beef patty, melty cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red & spring onions, fried onions, pickles and VJFB sauce on a toasty bun. This tasted like a real burger! It was extremely delicious. We also tried the Bitterballen, something we’ve never seen or heard of before, which is also delicious and different, and the chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, which also tasted so real! Over all it was all very good, and filling and we definitely want to go back to try all of their other options!

Our first few days in this beautiful country have been wonderful and fulfilling, both in its amazing canals, scenery, and wonderfully nice people along with all of its delicious vegan food. We are so excited to keep exploring and to try as much vegan food from Amsterdam as we can!

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Do you got some additional vegan friendly places or events? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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