Healthy Food Wall - Amsterdam

‘I got the idea when I studied in America. This is how I discovered that the concept of a ‘draw wall’ is actually an old American concept. I wondered why in the Netherlands we did not have a wall with healthy meals.‘, says the founder of the healthy wall.

Vegan health food wall Amsterdam

From the end of August you can pull beet burgers and couscous, quinoa and sweet potato salads out of the wall in Amsterdam. The 26-year-old entrepreneur and vegetarian chef Anouk Snelders opens the Health Food Wall in Amsterdam.

Healthy food combined with a classic junk food wall concept

Do not expect classic junk food, but vegan healthy meals. In contrast to the wide variety of hot snacks from the snack bar, the meals of the Health Food Wall are cold. All meals are vegetarian, most are vegan and some are also gluten-free. There is also a possibility to sit down and enjoy you meal as there is enough space inside the lunch room.

The wall works as follows: Choose your meal from the wall, select the meal in the touchscreen, pay (contactless) with pin. After this, the desired compartment opens automatically and you can immediately grab your chosen meal including cutlery + bag and bring it with you easily. The packages are made of biodegradable material. New meals are reserved every day, prices are between 7 and 9 euros.

The founder of the Health Food Wall starts with her lunchroom and food wall in Amsterdam, but if things go well she hopes that the healthy wall will also be seen again at companies, at the station and at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We think this an great addition for the vegan food amsterdam scene and we hope they will expand soon!

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