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Are you planning on traveling to Amsterdam soon? Whether you will be alone or in the company of family and friends you should absolutely sample Dutch cuisine. Get a taste of the traditional dishes and especially the wide variety of the best vegan food available. Make your food tasting experience a memorable adventure with the Vegan food Tours Amsterdam. The tour and travel group mainly focuses on bridging cultural gaps, enhancing local interaction and helping visitors to sample as much vegan dishes as they can find.

Best Vegan Food Tour Experience

Booking your tour with this group offers a great chance to experience the local Dutch vegan cuisine; a tasty combination of foods and drinks you have never imagined possible. Apart from sampling what’s on the menu, you also get to learn how to prepare the food by yourself. You will be presented with secret recipes for your own home trials and you will also have a chance to see how the locals dine.

Dishes and Drinks During the tour            

During the tour your mind will be energized and your stomach full at all times! Your designated tour guide will enlighten you on the rich history of Amsterdam as you come into contact with its streets, architecture and culture. You will also visit the best vegan food restaurants in Amsterdam, including the Vegan Junk Food Bar, The Avocado Show and Coffee & Coconuts, where you will get to enjoy exotic meals in their local setting. The food is a 100% vegan, prepared by the local chefs who have years of experience and just the touch authenticity that makes a meal tastes like home away from home. The recipes were put together by veteran chefs, they remain unchanged and it is not easy to come across them anywhere else.

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Best Vegan Food Bar

The Vegan Junk Food Bar is among the best places for natural and unique Dutch meals. This food restaurant has a rich history. A well-known entrepreneur found the restaurant some years ago with the dream of introducing tasty and diverse vegan food options in Amsterdam. Vegan dishes was the kind of food that people knew was based primarily on plants and animal products. It was simply so. It lacked a dynamism of taste and a mix of ingredients and so it was considered boring. The Vegan Junk Food Bar changed this perception and drew up a multitude of vegans.

At the Vegan Junk Bar, you will be offered choices of snacks including the famous cheap huge burger, salads, desserts, chips, and Tortilla all working hard to excite your taste buds. So how are these snacks any different? The main difference is in the way of preparation which is traditional. You will also get to enjoy the best vegan cheese you have ever had and other healthy non-refined foods.

A tour in Amsterdam offers a distinctive food tour experience, and many memories to take back with you. Stick with the Vegan Food Tours throughout your visit and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Once you have finished your visit to this historic and magical city, you can also if you enjoy some vegan food at the airport. No better way of saying goodbye to such an extraordinary culinary experience!


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