Vegan Food Festival Amsterdam 2018

A few days ago we got in touch with the organizers of the brand new Vegan Food Festival in Amsterdam. During our conversation we both noticed that we shared a lot of similarities in our journey to make vegan food more approachable.

About the similar journeys

For example, we from Vegan Food Amsterdam had more and more conversations about the view of non vegans on vegan food. Most non vegans see vegan food as something that you can only eat when you’re vegan. We all think that eating vegan doesn’t have to make you a vegan. Therefore we all want non vegans to open up more to vegan food, a famous quote is “be the change you want to see in the world”. Therefore we started this website where we share our journey exploring vegan food through our website in a clear and simple way.

Background of the founders

The organizers of the Vegan Food Festival run a creative agency and organize club nights in Amsterdam. For this they are constantly looking for the latest trends and what moves people. In their circle of friends they noticed the needs for more vegan options in restaurants and social occasions. That is how the idea for a Vegan Food Festival came about.

About Vegan Food Festival 2018

Their brand new Vegan Food Festival welcomes you to a unique 3-day experience full of entertainment, learning opportunities and mesmerizing vegan delicacies such as cheese, donuts and candy! The festival will host 30 food and vegan-related stands along with great live music, workshops, sports competitions and talks.

Their Program

During the festival there will be 30 stands, including food stands such as Vleesch, Visch, Juicebrothers, Van Leeuwen ice cream, Madame Cocos and Sharp Sharp. There will also be non-food stands to highlight the sustainable and vegan lifestyle from various aspects. The diverse program offers music, workshops, sports, documentaries and talks, invites you to hang around for three days. Every festival day is festively closed at the Transformatorhuis from 23:00. The night program will be filled by popular Amsterdam club nights.

Searching for more vegan places?

When searching for a vegan place to visit you will end up on various different blogs that write about vegan places to visit, but there is no centralized focus on Amsterdam. This is where Vegan Food Amsterdam steps in which is the ultimate food guide for people who visit or live in Amsterdam and are looking for vegan food. We recommend you to definitely visit this festival and if you are you not yet fully convinced? The Vegan Food Festival 2018 has free entrance!

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