Vegan Food Amsterdam Central station

Getting hungry is something that often occurs before or after traveling. In about 10 minutes your train will depart and of course you can not waste 5 minutes thinking about what you want to eat at Amsterdam central station. Therefore we have created a great overview of delicious vegan food at Amsterdam central station. So we put 10 places for you in a row where you can get something delicious!

Vegan food Amsterdam Central

8x Great Vegan Food places at Amsterdam Central Station

1. AH to go – Vegan Falafelwrap and more

There are two AH to go supermarkets at Amsterdam Central Station. Just run in quickly, grab the falafel wrap from the refrigerator, use the self-scanner andyou are back outside within two minutes. The perfect quick bite!

2. Shakies – Vegan Salads

Fancy something healthy at the station? Go to shakies! The cute Shakies is located in the West Tunnel of Amsterdam Central. Delicious juices (the spinach avocado, a must-try!) and tasty fresh salads.

3. Kiosk – Hummus & Peppadew wrap & fruit

A smooth, spicy wrap. Beware, if you do not pay attention you will eat this within 6 seconds. Therefore, a big recommendation for when there is a long que at the falafel wrap of the Albert Heijn! The fruits are also fine.

4. Broodzaak – Self-made sandwich

Unfortunately, the Broodzaak does not have a standard sandwich with spreads for on your sandwich. Fortunately, they are very sweet people who would like to make a sandwich for you (even if you only want tomatoes, cucumbers and walnuts on your bread).
Do not feel like a sandwich? The tasty Snelle Jelle is always a good option at the Broodzaak. Their freshly squeezed orange juice machine is also a nice option.

5. Starbucks – Soy Classic Hot Chocolate (without whipped cream)

Cold outside or just not hungry? No matter what kind of reason you have, the Starbucks soy Classic Hot Chocolate is always a good option. Tastes like the homemade chocolate milk, just with a lot of cocoa.

Vegan Starbucks – Soy Classic Hot Chocolate

7. Julia’s – Nut mix & Superfood mix

Their handy takeaway nuts are delicious. Tasty salt, a real treat. And for the healthier version: A superfood nut mix. Tasty nuts are great!

8. Exki Amsterdam

Almost everything is delicious, vegan and healthy! Exki changes dishes on the regular. There is always something to find! Lots of organic tasty dishes. The pumpkin puree with lentils is in any case a must! For now only to be found at the Amsterdam station.

9. Smullers – French fries with Vegan Mayo 

If you really want to go for the fast fat bite, you can even go to the Smullers and get a fries-ketchup. SInce recently you can even get vegan mayo and / or vegan peanut sauce with your fries! Fries are always great with a mountain of salt. Not recommended when your train is leaving in a few minutes, but then again, great fries are worth taking a later train!

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