Vegan Food Amsterdam Airport

Vegan Food Amsterdam Airport

You are what you eat. That’s why the flavor makers of LEON fastfood make that good for you. Fresh dishes with local products, which you can put your teeth into at any time of the day. From airy yoghurt full of fruit and honey to delicious meals with a Mediterranean twist or salads that make you happy. Gluten free? No problem!

The formula opens her very first restaurant outside England. On the menu are mediteranean dishes like the Moroccan Meatball Hotbox, but also some classic fast food dishes such as the signature Fish Finger Wrap and the Super Food Salad.

The first Dutch branch will, according to Leon policy, also work with products from local parties.

Leon openedits first restaurant in London in 2004, and shortly thereafter the Observer rewarded the award for the best new restaurant in the United Kingdom.

Since then, the founders, friends John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby, have opened 34 restaurants in England.

Vegan food leon

Good and affordable fast food

Leon’s mission is to make it possible for everyone to eat well and live well. The two founders decided that they could best achieve this by asking themselves “What would fast food look like in heaven?”. The formula ‘Naturally Fast Food’ means that food must taste good, that it is good for you and that it is affordable.

In addition, the founders have always regarded fast food as an international business (just like McDonalds in 1971). Amsterdam has now been chosen as the first location for the adventure on the mainland of Europe.

The founders of Leon want to make fast food, good food. Therefore, Leon restaurants serve both tasty and healthy foods, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. The award winning restaurants (“Best New Restaurant in the UK” in 2005) use natural ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and unrefined cereals. Leon restaurants use fair-trade and / or organic products when they are convinced that there is an ethical, environmental or health benefit, and when organic food is not unaffordable.

Whether you are a hefty gym enthusiast or a relaxed book lover, Leon menu was created by working closely with nutritionists to ensure that everyone has vegan options to pick from. Leon founders also understand the importance of a well-balanced diet on children’s development, which is why they follow the Children’s Food Trust guidelines to serve nutritious children dishes.

La Place Schiphol

The La Place is wellknown for preparing and cooking their products with fresh and natural ingredients. Unfortunately,they also have meals where they include animal products, but as a vegan you can easily put together your own sandwich, salad or pizza.


  • Schiphol Plaza
  • Lounge 1 after security.
  • For the quick bite you can also find a La Place Express at Schiphol Plaza.

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Albert Heijn Supermarket

Often in this type of articles we only mention restaurants. In this case the Albert Heijn deserves a mention, because the supermarket is vegan-friendly. They have a lot of vegan friendly food such as vegan salads and many other products. The Albert Heijn is located centrally in the public space of Schiphol.

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