Amsterdam great passion and culture for vegan foods have infiltrated the candy industry! If you walked into a vegan candy shop today, you would come across a variety of vegan candy bars with countless ingredients of all types of flavors and colors. As you would guess, any type of vegan candy is made with ingredients that are solely derived from plants. This means no milk or dairy products, no gluten, lard, butter or food coloring derived from insects. They are perfectly safe for vegans and people with animal food allergies to lick and munch.

Vegan Candy Shops

Numerous candy shops in Amsterdam have online stores where you can check and order your candy from. Two of the most popular ones with a variety of offers are; the ‘Candy Freaks’ and ‘Ridiculously good’.

The Candy Freaks

This candy store offers up to 10 different types of candies with the Vegan option being the most popular among them. They offer an extensive selection of tasty vegan sweets and gluten-free organic gummy bears. Love chocolate? They have rice milk covered chocolate bars that would garnish your breakfast. The process of adding quality and taste to vegan-friendly candy is an ongoing commitment. After all, they are the candy freaks, why should they ever stop?


Ridiculously good

The Ridiculously Good candy store is especially known for its sweet organic raw chocolates and a variety of other vegan candies. They focus on offering healthy, tasty and quality candies to its clients. Through this mission, they encourage sustainable living, healthy eating and having fun while at it. Apart from avoiding animal products, they do not use palm oil so as to discourage any form of deforestation. Their raw materials are also outsourced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Vegan Candy In Supermarkets

The Goody Good Stuff

This is a tasty gummy range of candy that originated in the UK and found its way to the Netherlands because of its great taste and health considerations. It comprises plant-based bio-gum derivatives that replace animal-based gelatine. The candy is therefore fully vegan and hence suitable for vegetarians. Apart from accommodating vegans, the candy range appeals to a greater consumer base because it is free from all other artificial colors and flavors. It is therefore recognized by Halal and Kosher as fit for consumption.

Robuuste Koeken

These are vegan chocolate chip cookies that come in 3 varieties; as almonds, hazelnuts or chocolate pieces. Their basic ingredients are wheat flour, cocoa and cocoa butter, sugar, palm oil and various plant-based flavoring agents such as vanilla. They are absolutely delicious with brittle and creamy bits of chocolate and crunchy nuts in them. The best part is that they are portable and you can pack them easily as a snack. Robust cakes can be bought at almost all supermarkets and candy shops in Amsterdam. A pack of 8 large cakes would cost about € 1.80.

Vegan Cookies
Punselie’s Stroopkoekjes classic

These are brittle syrup cakes with a caramel layer that has been made by the Punselie family in Switzerland since the 1940s. The cookie cakes are free of cow milk and chicken egg components and they are made with 100% vegetable oil. They are therefore suitable for people with protein and nut allergies.

Dark chocolate, ice cream & Oreos

We cannot write a blog about vegan candy without mentioning the two most popular choices! Finding vegan chocolate with 100% cocoa in Amsterdam might not be that easy but Tony Chocolony offers chocolate bars containing 70% cocoa, which doesn’t necessarily means they are completely dairy-free. Moreover, you can find a wide variety of vegan ice cream in several stores across the city and of course Oreos, everybody’s favourite vegan sweet, are everywhere in Amsterdam for your personal delight!

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