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Vegan cafes strictly deal with plant-based ingredients with a focus on good health and environmental conservation. These are popular social spots in Amsterdam where you can enjoy a variety of tasty vegan dishes, coffee, juices and snacks. This makes it possible for people to live a healthier life by consuming naturally sourced vegan products at affordable prices.

Vegan Cafe Amsterdam

Vegan Food Amsterdam is thrilled to share with you some of the best vegan cafes. These cafes provide a social space for vegans to share memorable experiences and eat delicious vegan food complemented with nutritious and fresh drinks. All cafes listed in this article are non-profit vegan restaurants.

De Peper – Organic cultural kitchen

At De Peper, no fish or meat product is ever served. In addition, they have a versatile and customizable menu for you to have a unique vegan meal experience at any time of the year.

Vegan Restaurant

Mitsuru Keuken Zuid’healthy (MKZ)

Are you looking for a vegan restaurant where you can experience an explosion of flavours? MKZ is the right choice for you! They offer four different vegan cooking styles, all at affordable prices. This non-profit vegan restaurant seeks to avoid the mistreatment of animals while offering healthy food options. They prepare their meals with ingredients solely picked from vegetables and plants.
Vegan food

Joe’s Garage

This platform creates an avenue for cooks who are talented in cooking vegetarian foods. This concept popularly known as people’s kitchen invites cooks to volunteer to showcase their vegan food recipes and cooking skills. To volunteer all you will need to do is mail them. Without a doubt, Joe’s Garage allows you to socialize with your friends and fellow vegans as you equip yourself with more skill in the vegan cuisine.


This restaurant was established in 1982. It has an authentic informal look with posters on the walls and a bustling steamy kitchen topped up with great staff and friendly people. In fact, it serves the best tofu you will ever have! Furthermore, in the evenings you will be able to enjoy poetry and alternative music.

With this short list of non-profit vegan restaurants, you can have fun sampling the best vegan dishes and vegan desserts as you dance to punk music. Visit these spots to eat, drink and socialize freely with fellow vegan enthusiasts and make new friends during your stay in Amsterdam.

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