Vegan Brunch Amsterdam

Vegan brunch in Amsterdam

Where can you have a delicious vegan brunch in Amsterdam? The vegan brunch is always a nice excuse to eat more than usual. Great for a lazy Sunday afternoon or the day after a too enthusiastic liquid vegan dinner.

5x Vegan brunch places in Amsterdam

1. Beter en Leuk

This place has a Dutch name. The translation of this name is Better and Nice.
This place located in Amsterdam Oost and is perfect for a brunch with your friends or family. Not only do they offer great coffee and vegan food, they also offer vegan sushi workshops and vegan brunch workshops. If you are in a shopping mood, you can also buy clothes, jewelry and healthy food items. They also have vegan food delivery options.

Adress: 1e Oosterparkstraat 73/91

2. Rein

Eat yourself young, that is the motto of Rein. Rein is a perfect place for vegan brunches. At REIN you will also find fresh smoothies, delicious green salads and tasty desserts. Do you want some vegan sweets during your vegan brunch? They offer a great raw chocolate brownie or a raw cheesecake! The REIN burger is 100% vegan. Have you spotted something tasty on the menu that is not entirely vegan? Then just tell them!

Location: Wibautstraat 80-84, Amsterdam

3. Avacado Show

When this hotspot was opened, Instagram nearly exploded during the first few days. The vegatarian and vegan options on the menu make it difficult to choose, I can tell you. As you can expect, avocados have a leading role in all the dishes. All the great avocado option makes this place a nice hotspot for a vegan brunch.

Location: Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 HS, Amsterdam

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4. The Meets Eatery

Are you looking for a place where you can sit and enjoy healthy food, vegan, sugar free or gluten free? The Meets Eatery in Amsterdam is the place to meet. Not only for lunch, but also for dinner, they have honest and delicious dishes with local ingredients, free of refined sugars and other additives. They follow the 80/20 rule: 80% vegetable, 20% animal. 100% yummy! The croissants, the matcha green bowl and the summer rolls are delicious and vegan!

Location: Cornelis Troostplein 3, Amsterdam

5. Morris en Bella

At Morris & Bella they are organic and also tries to produce as much as possible locally. They use as many vegetables as possible. At Morris & Bella they focus on vegan food. If you want some meat during your brunch you will have to ask for this. At most restaurants you have to ask for the vegan options instead of the meat options.

Location: Nova Zembastraat 586, Amsterdam

Go with the Glow are two sisters, that host a vegan brunch on a monthly basis. Click here for more info about their concept.

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