Vegan Asian Food

For every vegan in Amsterdam or looking to tour these parts then there are great places serving delicious vegan food. The common misconception is if you go vegan you give up your favourite foods, that’s a lie as you can get anything you want to eat made for vegans without the meat products. If Asian vegan food is what excites your taste buds, Amsterdam has you sorted as there are restaurants that serve vegan.

Best Vegan Asian Food

To health conscious persons, food lovers, young adults and every person who is passionate about animals and the environment Amsterdam has addressed your needs and now you can get any vegan Asian food in specific restaurants. You don’t have to cook the entire time! Treat yourself to some affordable and delicious vegan foods.

Some of these restaurants I’m going on and on about are:

SUMO Sushi & Grill Restaurant

SUMO Sushi &Grill Restaurant is an ‘all you can eat’ type of restaurant offering a variety of finger-licking Asian foods worth every penny spent. The environment, Japanese designs and the decorations will send you to a vegan restaurant in Tokyo.

This restaurant offers a fixed price for up to six rounds, and on each round, you can choose five different small dishes which is a great deal for anyone who can eat that much sushi and all the Asian vegan foods available as their menu is diverse. The food served tastes like heaven in your mouth.


  • Offers 6 rounds and 5 different small dishes with each round for a fixed price.
  • Serves Asian vegan foods.
  • Have diverse menus
  • Friendly staff.


  • You pay extra if food is left on the plate.

Vegan Restaurant

Terrazen Vegan Amsterdam

Terrazen is a vegan restaurant located in an alley and a walking distance to and from train station Amsterdam Centraal. Despite its small size, the restaurant offers a variety of Asian vegan foods.  The menu is rich with Asian and Caribbean vegan food.

Terrazen is ideal for a silent meal, and a good conversation can complement the food. The designs are admirable, and the wall art brings it to life. You can either sit and enjoy the meal or carry it to go and eat at the comfort of your own home.


  • Variety of choices on the menu
  • A stroll away from the train station
  • Asian vegan food available
  • Serene environment


  • The restaurant is small hence can’t handle many people.

The above restaurants offer not only Japanese foods but also from other Asian cultures. The sushi and fish served is fresh and well cooked. The delicacy of the meals served is an advantage to vegans, and the non-vegans are not aware of what they are missing.

Having restaurants serving vegan Asian food in Amsterdam is a sign that people are open to the idea of conserving the environment and putting animal lives into consideration. Also, it is a clear indication that vegans choice of what to eat matters too. Visit any of these restaurants whether you are vegan or not as I firmly believe that if everyone were vegan, the world would be a healthier, happier and better place.

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