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We are so happy to anounce that we have created the first vegan (food) amsterdam E-book. This book contains great vegan vegan food restaurants, vegan companies that sell coconut bowls, vegan candy and vegan mayonaise. Our E-book will give you a clear and simple overview that will help you to enjoy Amsterdam more from a vegan perspective. This article will give you insights in the content of the E-book.

Overview Vegan Hotspots and Companies


1. Meatless District

Located on the Bilderdijkstraat (Old West) and the Van Woustraat (The Pijp) Meatless District is open daily for lunch, dinner, drinks and even breakfast in the weekend! In the open kitchens you can see the chefs prepare their beautiful dishes. Always fresh and when possible organic and homemade. With their 100% vegetarian menu and the atmospheric setting they try to surprise their guests and make them feel at home.

2. Mooska – Animal Free Food

MOOSHKA was founded because they found it very hard to find inexpensive, healthy and good food, let alone vegan. At Mooshka different cuisines come together, from roti to injera, salads to bitterballs, freshly squeezed juices to milkshakes, there is something for every taste!

3. Pllek

Pllek wants to inspire people and introduce them to other flavours and the unknown. The menu is 75% vegetarian of which 25% vegan. They aim to make the carnivores curious about all the great alternatives that the vegetarian cuisine has to offer and seduce them to eat less meat.

4. Hearth.H

H/eart.h is an original Concept Café and a versatile space in De Pijp blending healthy vegan food and sustainable retail with Live Music and Art Exhibition. The menu is mainly vegan changing seasonally with innovatives recipes entirely homemade with a unique take on Vegan Kitchen.

5. Willem Pie – Vegan Bakery

Their mission is to inspire to love life and the planet, with all her creatures, through vegan cake.

Willem-Pie Bakery (since April 2017) offers high quality vegan, exclusive and surprising cakes. For them, the quality and the flavour of the cakes is the most important thing. That goes hand in hand with their second core value: sustainability. They like to source ingredients locally and strive to buy all their products from local producers by 2020. This not only ensures a higher quality of their product, it also reduces environmental pollution and thus contributes to the quality of the world

6. Candy Freaks – Vegan Candy

When you step into Candy Freaks you feel like you are in the world of Charlie and the chocolate factory. They specialize in organic and vegan sweets. This candy tastes so much better! Visit their store at Nieuwe Hoogstraat 4 in Amsterdam or shop online www.candyfreaks.com

Candy Freaks has also become the first candy wholesaler and retailer committed to educating youngsters about the candy manufacturing world. Their educational approach is blunt, honest, transparent and sometimes shocking. Their goal is to influence the youth of today into developing better eating pattern through increased knowledge and consciousness.

7. Poke Perfect

All right, so what is poké? Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a Hawaiian dish.
Poké Perfect is a healthy food concept famous for their poke bowls and sushirritos. With daily fresh deliveries and speedy service, they ensure the best quality of food for all poké lovers. With 4 locations in Amsterdam, there’s always a Poké Perfect close to you! See their locations below:

  • Nieuwendijk 13
  • Prinsengracht 502
  • Strawinskylaan 11 (in het WTC)
  • Kinkerstraat 71A


You can go to VEGA-LIFE for alternatives to products that are often produced with a lot of animal suffering. Think of shoes and bags (leather) or cosmetics (animal experiments and animal ingredients). In doing so, they also try to take into account as much as possible the working conditions of the people who make their products and the composition of the ingredients that are used for the products.

They prefer organic, fair trade and locally (in Europe) produced products over regular products. Shoes, clothing, cosmetics, cookbooks and much more. At Vega-Life you will find the largest assortment of products for your vegan lifestyle. Visit their cozy store in the center of Amsterdam or take a look at their webshop or shop online https://www.vega-life.nl/

9. Odin Organic ]upermarket

Enjoyed the food at Spirit? Want to cook it yourself?
Shop organic groceries next door at Odin Czaar Peter or visit the first 100% vegetarian Odin supermarket at the Ceintuurbaan! Odin has 23 supermarkets in the Netherlands.

With 8,200 members, Odin is the largest organic foodcoop in the Netherlands, making sure that all local suppliers get a fair trade with them.The best part of this is when you become an Odin member you will enjoy savings up to 20% on all of your organic groceries.

10. Spirit

It’s fresh; All of their dishes are prepared daily in their kitchen using seasonal ingredients. This means hearty veggie stews during winter and fruit salad with local organic strawberries in the summer.

Organic means: no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. That way the ingredients keep their natural life force energy all the way to your plate. Healthy for you and for the environment. Vegetarian means that they choose plant-based ingredients like legumes, seaweed, tempeh and soya to create wholesome nutritious dishes. These ingredients contain lots of healthy protein and cost less energy to produce. This way we see to it that all your nutritional needs are met, while at the same time contributing to a sustainable economy..

Vegan Companies

11. Plant Ahead 

Plant ahead gives coconut shells a new life as a beautiful bowl. Enjoy their coconut bowls every day for smoothies, salads and noodles. With their bowls, they want to inspire you to eat more plant-based. Because eating plant-based food and reducing waste are the most effective ways to save our planet.

Plant-based. No Waste. Handmade. Visit their website for more information: www.letsplantahead.com

12. Avocado Mayo

The guys from Mayoneur want to give you the chance to opt in for a healthier and more conscious mayo with your food. They realize that through the use of different types of vegetables in our mayo. Vegan and also healthy. Are you ready for a healthier future? Visit their website for more information: https://mayoneur.com/

13. Little Plant Pantry

They are a Plant-based zero-waste bulk wholefoods store with a focus on ethical consumerism and sustainability. They offer ingredients for a healthy vegan diet, handcrafted foods, beverages and cosmetics, made by them and other like-minded local artisan producers. Freshly prepared food, drinks and desserts are served for take-away.

14. Metropolitan

Metropolitan is a chocolate walhalla, ice cream parlor, espresso bar, dessert workshop. A place for lovers of the purest chocolate and the best ice cream, in a bustling entourage in the middle of the old center of Amsterdam.

From vegan bean to bar dark chocolate – brownie – sorbets – coffee’s – affogato – shakes – gift packs everything is available in the shop every day. Open from 9 am to 10 pm every day and they also deliver through uber eats

15. Beter & Leuk – Home made food

Beter & Leuk makes almost everything themselves in their kitchen. Cooking is done as much as possible with organic, seasonal and local products. They serve vegatarian, vegan & gluten free. A healthy lifestyle makes life so much more beautiful.

Beter & Leuk is also a place for various events: Company lunch, high tea, meetings, workshop, exhibition and baby shower. The maximum number of people for whom the cafe can be used is 25 people. Visit their cosy shops in Amsterdam Oost and try our healthy and fresh made food!

Breakfast, lunch, sweets, high tea & take away meals.
(vegan & lots of glutenfree choices)
1e oosterparkstraat 73/91, Amsterdam

16. Vegan Food Amsterdam T-shirts

We from Veganfoodamsterdam are proud to release our first own t-shirt with the purpose to spread veganism in and outside Amsterdam.

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