Do you think that vegans can only shop at the local organics store?  Then you are wrong! In every supermarket you can find a lot of vegetarian and vegan products that you can also eat. Think of ready-made meat substitutes, vegetable milk, but also cake, candy, ice cream and sandwich spreads. Veganfoodamsterdam has created this page for you to see some of the 100% vegetarian/vegan products from supermarket Albert Heijn!

Vegan cheese Albert Heijn

Yes, Albert Heijn also has vegan cheese, or as the Dutchies say ‘vegan kaas’. Wilmerburger’s vegan cheeses can not be distinguished from cow’s milk cheese in appearance. The taste and melting properties are also quite close to animal cheese. Wilmersburger is available as slices, grated and in block form. There are different flavors, such as: natural, smoked cheese, cheddar and herb cheese. The cheeses are made from coconut oil and are free from soy, gluten and palm oil.

How does it taste?

The taste and texture of the Wilmersburger cheeses strongly resembles that of young Gouda cheese. So it is not a gourmet product, but if you -used to eat your own weight at cheap supermarket cheese, this is a very nice replacement. The grater does well over the pasta and in casseroles and sauces. You can use the cheese almost exactly as you would with cow’s milk cheese.

The ordinary classic cheese is a bit boring for bread, but it does very well in hot dishes. The cheddar cheese is similar to the classic, but is somewhat spicier. The ‘savory’ cheese has a nice smoky taste. The herb cheese and the tomato basil have an extra flavor of the herbs that are processed in it. There are also other flavors such as peppers, chili and mushrooms.

What does it cost and where is it for sale?

Wilmersburger is for sale at Albert Heijn supermarkets (if they do not have it in stock they can order it for you!). A packet of 150 grams (8 slices) costs around € 3, -. which is pretty alright compared to the other options you have.

Vegan producten (products) Albert Heijn

“What can you still eat?” It is a question that is often asked by newbie vegetarians and vegans. Anyone who thinks about vegan food usually thinks of everything you can not eat, but people who have been eating vegan for a while know better. There are so many different products in the supermarket that you do not have to eat the same thing every day. Often, by broadening your horizons, you get to know all kinds of new products – such as avocado and falafel – that you may not have eaten before. You might even find that many products that you already ate – like many kinds of cookies, chips and other snacks – were always vegan, without you realizing it. Curious about what a vegan eats? Take a look at the picture below!

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