Vegan Pancake Recipe

Whether you have something to celebrate or you just like sweets like everybody, MOOK Pancakes in the heart of Amsterdam is the place for you! This cozy restaurant is located on Jodenbreestraat and serves the tastiest pancakes made with sustainable and organic ingredients throughout the day. At Mook you get the hip version of pancakes, made from organic spelled or oatmeal. And of course I had to try this. In addition to pancakes, they have delicious coffee, fresh juices and various types of fresh tea.

Healthy and tasty vegan Pancakes by Mook Pancakes

Looking for good pancakes? Go to Mook (MOAK) Pancakes in Amsterdam

If you like good food, MOOK (MOAK) Pancakes is an absolute try before you die. The restaurant was founded by an Amsterdam group of friends with a passion for great food and delicious juices, and owes its name to Mokum – the pet name for the Dutch capital. They serve pancakes made from 100% organic wheat flour and do not add sugar to the recipe. What makes the pancakes delicious? They are topped with delicious fresh fruit and vegetables.

Mook Pancakes Menu

The Mook’s pancake menu offers something for everyone. Those who like sweets a lot can indulge here, for example with The Heavy Mama (a pancake with banana, coconut, walnuts, dates and honey). The Mancake is designed for lovers of savory: bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, maple syrup by day or homemade BBQ sauce by night. This pancake is an outright hit. They also have a pancake with smoked salmon combined with crème fraîche and dill, this tastes delicious.

Mook Pancakes Menu Amsterdam

Of course you also want something nice to drink with your meal. Even then you are fully equipped at MOOK. They serve fresh juices throughout the day. For example, try a carrot, pineapple, coconut or watermelon juice to drink alongside your vegan pancake (with grilled bell pepper, avocado, hummus, chili mix, oregano and olive oil).

MOOK has an open kitchen, so you can keep an exact eye on how your pancake is prepared. You can also walk straight to the juice bar, where they use enormously effective machines, which extract more than 90% juice from the fresh fruit, so no waste at all!

Location 1: De Clercqstraat 34, 1053 LB Amsterdam
Location 2: Jodenbreestraat 144, 1011 NS Amsterdam

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