foodhallen amsterdam vegan

This indoor food market is a great concept in Amsterdam with a few vegan stalls. It is busy, not very cheap, but the food is so tasty. You can choose from dozens of food stalls and that makes it ideal for everybody. Everyone can choose what he or she wants to eat, the nice thing about such a food hall is the variation. There are stalls with culinary bitterballen, vegan food, hamburgers, street food, Mediterranean snacks and more. The ultimate place for adventurous foodies! In the middle of the hall there is a bar where you can order drinks and there are tables everywhere where you can eat your vegan food.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Vegan

Overview of Foodstalls at Foodhallen Amsterdam with Vegan Options:

1. Maza

Maza is well known as a brand that sells hummus. Their hummus is sold in various supermarkets in Amsterdam. Their stall offers various vegetarian mezze, a few of them are vegan like the hummus and falafel.

Maza Foodhallen Amsterdam

2. Viet View

Viet View offers Vietnamese snacks. Products that they can offer vegan are: The bahn mi roll (without mayo), fried spring roll and rice paper

Viet View Foodhallen

3. Meneer Temaki

Do you know who Mister Temaki is? A great foodspot at the foodhallen. They focus on cone shaped sushi rolls. Their vegan option is the ‘spicy vega’ made of carrot, avocado, daikon, cucumber and chili.

Meneer Temaki Foodhallen

4. Friska

Ever heard of healthy sushi wraps? Friska are focused on those type of wraps. They replace rice by quinoa and other healthy products. Man-Go-Nuts is their vegan wrap. The wrap contains mango, couscous and chickpeas.

An dynamic place as Foodhallen Amsterdam has new food hotspots on a regular base. For an overview of the current stall: Latest foodhallen stalls

Location Foodhallen Amsterdam:

Bellamyplein 51
1053 AT Amsterdam

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