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What is your favorite vegan meal?

We’ve asked 8 vegan influencers 7 questions about veganism. Each question will be an interesting article with 8 different answers on a subject. This is the first one in the series. This article is focused on the subject ‘favorite vegan recipe’ and will therefore answer the following questions: What is your favorite recipe? And does it take you more time to prepare your vegan meals compared to non-vegan ones?

What is your favorite recipe? And does it take you more time to prepare your vegan meals compared to non-vegan ones?


I always have phases of what I like …. currently I am in a Trafasie-Phase and Bami-Trafasie is just a favorite! Plant based cooking does not take more time to prepare, on the contrary! I cook a lot with fresh vegetables, legumes and delicious herbs… .easy does it!

Kim is 40 years old and enjoys yoga and sports and is the founder of

Mark Schadenberg 

Cut some sweet potatoes in half. Sprinkle them with olive oil. Bake them for 25-35 minutes in the oven at 220 degrees. Stir fry  the potatoes with some onion, garlic, bell pepper, spinach and add scrambled tofu. Don’t forget the different spices, and it’s ready. To be honest I finish cooking faster than before and I have less waste left over.

Mark Schadenburg


It doesn’t take me more time. I like cooking and I do it twice a day, but I like to make quick meals. Lots of veggies in a stir fry and eat it in 20 minutes or so. I don’t have a favorite recipe, but I share a lot on Instagram.

Julian Piket


After our Japan trip, we fell in love with ramen. We had vegan variants of this Japanese soup with ramen noodles, tofu and vegetables. It sounds pretty easy, but it was quite challenging to create our own vegan ramen in Amsterdam. But we did it and now it’s our favourite recipe!

We love to cook, and sometimes we spend hours in de kitchen. We also however make a lot of quick dishes when we are home late from work. Then we just cook some rice, broccoli and beans with grilled tofu and call it a meal. It takes literally 15 minutes. So vegan food is exactly the same as non vegan food. You can make it as time-consuming as you want.

Its about Health 

My favourite vegan recipe? That’s a hard question! I like the pasta funghi that I mentioned earlier, but I also really like to make quinoa salads for lunch, like this Moroccan one ( and I love to make these courgette pizzas ( In this recipe I used tuna, but you can also use falafel or vegan fish.
I don’t think that it takes more time to prepare vegan meals, I just think that you need to be a little more creative to create these meals

Nannique Spiek is 17 years old and owner of food and sport blog 


First of all, it absolutely won’t cost any more time to prepare vegan food. It might in the beginning though, because you’re not used to this way of cooking. Since we came from a healthy lifestyle and we slowly grew into a vegetarian diet, we were already used to these vegan meals and the preparations.

Our favourite recipe? Well, that has to be something of Ottolenghi. Maybe his recipe to make stuffed oven-baked eggplant. The Mediterranean kitchen is one of our all time favourites and we love food from the Middle East. It contains lots of fresh veggies, nuts and seeds. Their cuisine offers lots of inspiration if you would like to eat vegan.

Kirsten & Sophie are two girls from Amsterdam who met in Peru. They both love good food, coffee, going out for dinner, traveling and sustainability. This made them decide to start


Omg there is no such thing as a favourite recipe, because I COOK SO MUCH EVERYDAY! Haha, so I‘m IN LOVE with vegan food. Will share so many amazing recipes on my upcoming websites! And it seriously doesn’t [take more time]! Just cut your veggies, throw them in a pot, add some some yummy pasta and you’re good to go!


Aennacole is a fulltime student and content creator.


My favorite recipes are simple, because I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen. I don’t have time for that either. I prefer to eat refined sugar-free, without added oil, with lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruit, beans, seeds, nuts and tofu. I think I spend a maximum of 15 – 25 minutes a day cooking.


Cilla Zwarts-Vood, lives in Rotterdam and is the founder of

Plant Ahead 

I love acai bowls and sushi bowls – topped with peanut butter! They are easy to make, full of nutrition and super tasty. Together with The Indigo Kitchen and Vegabond, I am also organizing plant-based cooking workshops and we’ve created an e-book full of bowl recipes, like the delicious sushi bowl on the picture. We want to show that vegans don’t just eat salads and make it easy and fun for people to get started at home. Preparing the food doesn’t take more time, but finding it sometimes does. In Amsterdam many supermarkets are small, so they don’t always offer all vegan products. These days I know where to get my stuff.

Miriam, Founder of, an international business based in Amsterdam.

We hope you liked the first of this sequence. We promise you that the upcoming 6 articles will also be very nice.

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