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For our concept Vegans of Amsterdam we partnered up with Miriam Melchers, the founder of Plant Ahead. We asked her to tell us more about her concept that focusses on eco friendly bowls and straws. We were also very interested in her favorite vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

Why I started Plant Ahead

Creating a sustainable planet has always been important to me. When I was working for Tesla, I was helping to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport. During that time, I learned that the meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the combined exhaust from all forms of transportation! Getting more electric cars on the road is super important, but it takes a lot of time. Changing what’s on our plate is something we can all do right NOW and it will make an even bigger IMPACT.

That’s why I started Plant Ahead. I want to inspire people to consume more plant-based and sustainable. One way to deliver that message is via our plant-based and sustainable products.

Coconut Bowls by the indigo kitchen

We give coconut shells a new life

Every year, millions of coconuts are processed into other products such as coconut oil or coconut milk. Coconut shells are discarded and burned as a waste product, but we give them a new life as a beautiful bowl that you can enjoy every day. Our bowls are 100% plant-based, sustainable, and handmade with unique designs. They are perfect for plant-based food like Smoothie Bowls, Salad Bowls and Noodle Bowls. You can find vegan bowl recipes here.

I hope our bowls remind you of the incredible things our planet has to offer and inspire you to eat more plant-based.

We’re trying to reduce plastic, one plastic straw at a time

Every day, more than 500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the US alone and end up in the ocean. It breaks my heart to see how many innocent animals are dying because of human activities. If we don’t take action, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Via our reusable Bamboo Straws we are trying to spread this message. Don’t forget: every small action adds up to a big impact.

Eco Friendly Bowls

Where can you find our products

You can find out more about our products on our website or on Instagram. But we are not doing this alone. We’ve teamed up with vegan restaurants and vegan festivals in Amsterdam to spread the message and bring our products to you.

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more!

And now… it’s time to talk about food! When I am not working, I am either eating or thinking about my next meal 😉 I have been vegan for a few years now and food just tastes so much better when it’s cruelty-free. I will share my top 3 guilty pleasures and my top 5 vegan restaurants in Amsterdam with you.

Top 3 guilty pleasures in Amsterdam

If you think vegans only eat salads, think again! We also LOVE burgers, cakes, pizza and donuts.

  1. Vleesch noch Visch
    I discovered these guys this summer at the Vegan Food Festival in Amsterdam. Oh
    my, have you tried their vegan Pita Gyros? They are incredibly tasty. I took some
    non-vegans there for the ultimate test and they could not taste the difference!
  2. Vegan Junk Food Bar
    Trust me, I tried every vegan burger out there, but Vegan Junk Food Bar beats them all. They don’t just look amazing, they are super tasty. I also love their vegan bitterballen and now they even make vegan sashimi!
  3. Nono Cakes
    They make delicious vegan donuts, pies, brownies, cinnamon rolls and even a traditional
    Dutch tompouce. You can find their pastries at vegan restaurants like Vegabond or you
    can simply order them online and have that vegan apple pie with cream delivered to your

Top 5 vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

I have to admit that I sometimes still find it hard to find vegan options on the menu when going out for dinner, at least when I am not in charge of where we are going 😉 But when I am in charge, here is where we are going:

  1. Meatless District
    Meatless District is one of my favourite plant-based restaurants in Amsterdam. It’s my number one place where I take non-vegan friends to let them experience what it’s like to eat plant-based. Guess what… They all LOVE it. My favourite is the “Kroketten with bread” for lunch. When I turned vegan, I thought I would never eat kroketten again. Then I found these vegan kroketten made by De Vegetarische Slager and my life was complete again. For dinner, they always serve their famous Ceasar Salad and Burger, and various other incredible dishes.
  2. Indian Restaurant Swagat
    This is one of my recent discoveries and now I am eating there every week. They have lots of vegan options on the menu or they can make them vegan on request. I love the mixed vegetables with rice and naan bread. The team is super friendly and I am alreadylooking forward to my next visit this week.
  3. Spirit
    Don’t you love it when you can fill your own plate?! Spirit offers an incredible vegan/vegetarian buffet. There are so many options, it’s hard to choose, but I do have some favorites: vegan sushi rolls, moussaka, beet burger, tempeh sate and of course some fries. I never leave without having a piece of their chocolate raspberry pie.
  4. Yerba
    At Yerba, vegetables are the star. Their menu is plant-based and they offer meat and fish as an option. You can order a 3 to 6 course dinner which makes this place very unique in Amsterdam. Until now, I have only seen vegan fine-dining in cities like LA or NYC. It’s a
    great place to spend an evening with friends and a bottle of wine.
  5. Pho 91
    I love the Asian kitchen, there are so many vegan options with lots of vegetables and tofu. Pho 91 in the Pijp is one of my favorite Vietnamese eateries in Amsterdam. I always have the summer rolls and a tofu bun bowl.

Do you got some additional vegan friendly places or events? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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