Vegan Burgers Amsterdam

Best Vegan Burger Amsterdam

Everyone likes a good Vegan burger right? A Vegan burger is in itself a simple dish, but every burger lover knows that the taste of a well prepared burger is amazing. Nowadays you will find a lot vegan burgers in the supermarkets. Everybody knows,however, that the best place to eat a good vegan burger is in a good restaurant. Therefore we have made up a list of the best places in Amsterdam to eat a vegan burger.

Vegan Burgers Amsterdam

Even if you do not eat meat, you can certainly still eat a tasty burger. Nowadays, vegan burgers are just as tasty as meat burgers. we have found the best vegan burgers in Amsterdam for you.

9 Best Vegan Burger hotspots

1.  Vegan Junk Food Bar
Once again in one of our lists: The Vegan Junk Food Bar. One of our favorite places to eat. They have a big burger available called the notorious sumo burger. You will receive the notorious sumo burger with vegetable cheddar, fried onion rings, jalopeños and the original vegan junk food bar sauce.
Location: Staringplein 22, Amsterdam

2. The Dutch Weed Burger Joint
We really like the the Dutch Weed Burger. This is one of the most famous Dutch vegan burgers. You can get it in different restaurants and food festivals nowadays.
Location: Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, Amsterdam.

Vegan burger

3. Dophert
At DopHert two vegan burgers are on the menu: the signature DopHertburger and the quinoa burger. The DopHertburger is made from chickpeas and broad beans, topped with pickled vegetables and chipotlemayo on a crispy sesame roll. The quinoa burger is made from red quinoa, kidney beans and topped with onion stewed in beer, ketchup and mustard mayo.
The burgers of Dophert are not only loved by people from the Netherlands but the burgers are also know in foreign lists.
Location: Spaarndammerstraat 49, Amsterdam.

4. Meatless District
The burger of Meatless District is highly recommended when you visit the restaurant. This seitan burger with vegetable cheddar cheese and avocado is served with nice fries with mayonnaise without egg.
Location: Bilderdijkstraat 65, Amsterdam.

Roots has three burgers on their menu. Two are vegan and the third one has egg in it. The third one is made from from oatmeal, carrot and cumin, topped with lamb’s lettuce, tomato, cucumber and finished with homemade mayonnaise. The Italian burger is made from sweet potato, quinoa and roasted fennel, some ruccola and creamy cashew nut pesto. Then we have the last burger and that is a burger made of beats with with quinoa and pumpkin, topped with fresh spinach and a tahini-orange dressing.

6. Vurger

At Vurger you eat burgers that are good for the environment and for you. Even if you have a gluten intolerance, you can put your teeth into the buns here, because everything is 100 percent gluten-free.

7. Bagels & Beans

You may not expect them in this list, nowadays you can also go to Bagels & Beans for a plant based burger. It will be served on a bagel with tomato, vegan mayo, ketchup, red onion, pickle and lettuce.

Looking for even more vegan hotspots? Take a look at Vegan restaurants Amsterdam and find a restaurant in your neighborhood.

8. Volkshotel Werkplaats

An artistic place where you can work at flex places  and enjoy a vegan burger.

9. Thrill Grill

Thrill Grill was created by star chef Robert Kranenborg. So we ensure you their food is good. Here too you will find a vegan burger with “meat” from Beyond Meat on the map. You can also go there with people who prefer to eat a real piece of meat, because the burger menu is also full of meat and veggie burgers.

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