Albert Heijn Vegan Food

The fact that more and more consumers are busy with their food is clear. Companies are increasingly smarter at this. This is also the case with Albert Heijn, where the first vegan cooling has been introduced a couple of days a go.

Albert Heijn introduces Vegan Food

Vegan Section

Albert Heijn is also testing a vegan refrigerator for the first time in the store on the Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam. By this we mean that we have placed a cooler in the fruit and vegetable department with all vegan products together. The assortment consists of fresh ready-made products, but also products with which you can cook such as the beet burger, mezzelune and ravioli without animal ingredients “, says Anoesjka Aspeslagh of Albert Heijn.

Albert Heijn (also known as AH, Appie Heijn and many other nicknames) is the largest Dutch supermarket chain. The supermarket has more than 950 stores throughout the Netherlands, Albert Heijn is part of the parent company Koninklijke Ahold N.V.

So just to recap: All existing and new vegetable products have been brought together there. Some other products such as vegan wraps, soups, salads and meals from ‘Uit de keuken van Maass’ can be found here as well. Over the next weeks, the retailer will look at the reactions and then roll it out to other stores. It is a pilot that runs until Monday 17 September.

The location of this supermarket is at the Gelderlandplein is an indoor shopping center in the Buitenveldert district in Amsterdam-Zuid. The Gelderlandplein is located between the Arent Janszoon Ernststraat, the Van Leijenberghlaan, Loowaard and the Willem van Weldammelaan.

Gelderlandplein has around 100 shops / restaurants and a hotel. The unique mix of specialty stores and large chains makes Gelderlandplein a true destination. The shopping center has a large selection of clothing stores in the area of women’s, men’s and children’s fashion. The shopping center also offers a hairdresser, sports shop, drugstore, jeweler and optician.

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